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Street Poster Art in Castellina Scalo



Type: Cultural itineraries

The itinerary starts from the “Palazzo dell’Abbondanza”, located next to the train station. On this building Jacopo Pischedda has represented two big zoomorphic figures with the body of a man and the head of an animal, a vulture and a crocodile. These two animals represent the evil, which often drives human destiny.

The tour continues with the building of the Train Station, where Benedetto Cristofani has painted a group of people falling down. This representation isa symbol of the different moments and situations that every man has to cross during his life.

Going into G. Di Vittorio street we meet the ARCI clubhouse, on whose façade Blub made his work entitled "Art can swim": the faces of Salvatore Dalì and Botticelli's Venus reveal the importance and the topicalty of the masterpieces of art throughout times, which outlive (with mask and snorkel) ​​globalization.

Pierluigi Pagni has made his work on the cinema’s façade, which can be seen by reaching Piazza della Pace. The artist has represented a series of chubby cupids taking colorful off-mode televisions or, better, filled in with primary colors only.

The works of Colette Baraldi can be seen in different places of Castellina Scalo and outside, like at the bus stops of Piazza della Chiesa and Piazza Bersaglieri, at the bike shelters in Piazza della Stazione and in the parking behind Monteriggioni’s Town Hall (Colonna village).

The Street Poster Art project of Monteriggioni ends with the famous French artist Clet Abraham, who worked on some road signs between Monteriggioni Castle and Castellina Scalo. Abraham's research aims to underline the comic side that hides behind the authoritarian role of road signs, opposing irony to their austerity and monotony.

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Casa per ferie Cristo Re Via Italia 33, loc. Castellina Scalo-Monteriggioni (SI)